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What is a vehicle wrap?
A wrap is a large vinyl decal applied directly to the paint on the vehicle. The material is then heated to stretch around the natural body lines of the vehicle.
What happens if I want to get my wrap removed in the future? Will the paint be damaged?
If your vehicle’s paint job is in good shape at the time of wrap installation (no peeling/chipping), the wrap will not cause any damage to the paint when removed. In fact, having your vehicle wrapped can actually protect the paint underneath from some chipping and weathering. Please note that we recommend having your wrap removed by a professional to prevent paint damage.
How long does a wrap last?
If properly cared for, a wrap can last for five years or more.  
How do I clean and care for my wrap?
Proper care of your wrap ensures its maximum longevity. It’s important to keep your wrap free of difficult contaminants and road grime with frequent washing. We recommend hand washing your wrap and avoiding power washing and automatic bristle car washes. Please see our vehicle care sheet linked below for instructions on how to properly care for your vehicle’s wrap. (Vehicle Care Sheet)
How long does it take to complete a wrap?
How much time needed to complete a wrap varies based on what we’re wrapping and how much and how intricate. **Estimated time frames are as follows:
- Partial wrap 1-2 business days Decals/Lettering -
- ½-1 business day Full wrap (Sedan) -
- 2 business days Full wrap (SUV)
- 3 business days Full wrap (Truck/Fleet Van)
- 3-4 business days
Where do you install the vehicle wraps?
We install wraps in our multi-bay climate-controlled shop located at 1855 Boulevard W, Building D in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition. Having your wrap installed in this environment will ensure the maximum quality of installation regardless of the weather. If you require an off-site installation, please contact our office for more information. 
What can be wrapped?
Almost anything! Personal vehicles Fleet vehicles Boats & RV’s Motorcycles Interior and exterior walls & windows Floors & countertops Finished/painted vehicle parts Machinery **If you have more specific questions about our wrapping capabilities, or have a project in mind that’s not listed here, give us a call at (804) 355-1568 for more information. 
Do I need to have a design ready?
We provide full design services and can assist you at any stage in the design process - whether your design is just an idea, sketch or a digital mockup. Having your design needs met in-house ensures that our team can create layouts and designs that flow seamlessly from our computer screen to the finished product. 
How can I get started on a design for my wrap?
You can start by giving us a call at (804) 355-1568 or sending an email to We are here from 8-5, M-F and we’re always ready to talk with you about your next project! Not only do we design vehicle wraps, but we can also create branding packages for your growing business.
What kind of files do you need for your wrap designs?
Due to the large scale nature or vehicle wrapping, we require that you provide us with editable art files (.eps and illustrator files) so that your wrap doesn’t print out grainy or pixelated. If you don’t have any artwork done for your wrap yet or you have files that aren’t print-ready, don’t worry! We can recreate logo files and design from scratch.

*Note: for smaller-scale designs such as decals or small signs, we may be able to use high quality .jpg, pmg, or .svg files. If you’re not sure if your files are print-ready, we will take a look at them for you! 
What brands of vinyl do you use for wraps?
We wrap using the highest quality, industry-standard material from 3M and Avery. These materials ensure maximum quality and longevity of your wrap. 
Are your wraps warrantied?
Our manufacturer's warranties vary based on material, application, and timeframe. For a full list of what’s covered under our warranties, please reference the warranty sheet linked below. (3M Warranty Link) (Avery Dennison Warranty)
Can I bring my own vinyl?
We always prefer to use our own 3M and Avery vinyl. We cannot warranty customer provided vinyl, regardless of brand. If you already have a vinyl that you’d like to use, we will work with you to use it if possible depending on the vinyl and application. Please note that customer provided vinyl can incur additional labor fees as cheaper types of vinyl can often be much more difficult and time-consuming to install and remove.
Can you wrap unpainted vehicle parts?
Vinyl material is designed to adhere to painted surfaces and will not stick to unpainted parts.
Can I wax my vehicle wrap?
You can wax your wrap if it’s gloss laminated. We do not recommend the use of wax on matte, satin or textured vinyl finishes.
Can you remove my wrap?
Yes. We can remove vinyl even if it wasn’t installed by us. Removal costs are determined by labor hours. Removal time can vary greatly based on the size of the wrap, how long it’s been on, how well it’s been cared for, and the quality of the vinyl.
How do you determine your prices?
As with any wrap shop, our pricing is primarily based on square footage. The larger the vehicle, the more time and materials it will take to complete, and it is therefore priced accordingly. Additionally, we factor our quality of work into our prices. We take great pride in our craft at RVA Graphics & Wraps. Our team of highly skilled installers take the time to disassemble vehicles wherever necessary prior to wrapping to ensure a minimum amount of seams and messy edges. Our attention to detail, commitment to craft, and use of the highest quality materials are what allows us to provide our customers with the sharpest looking and longest lasting wraps in the business.
What services do you offer besides vehicle wraps?
In addition to vinyl wraps, we can also design and print signs, banners, decals and more! We can also assist you in designing and printing materials for your business such as logo and branding packages and business cards. For a complete list of services, please follow the link below.

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